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Five major signs of impending failure of the tire
Release time2016.05.20 News sourceTAIZHOU CHENHUI MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Browsing number
Just as your feet feel sore after each excursion, the tyres are subjected to pressure from the road at every time you drive a car. Tire wear and tear is often not on behalf of your driving habits, there is a problem, this phenomenon is the fact that the normal driving, the tire will gradually wear aging, and ultimately lose grip.
The vehicle if tire failures, the resulting consequences will be catastrophic to lead to losing control of the vehicle, let you stay in the remote region inaccessible, a short period of time is difficult to reach destination. When you clearly understand their own car tires are deformed, performance is decreased, you can replace the new tires in a timely manner, to avoid the occurrence of failure. Here we will give five warning signals, you have to change the time to replace the tire.
1 tire tread depth
Tread thickness must be greater than 1.6 mm, if you often drive in the low friction of the wet slippery road, it is best to ensure that the thickness of the tread pattern is two times the value of the above. You can learn to professionals, to buy a meter to measure the thickness of the tread; however old drivers often use a widespread way to roughly estimate the tread thickness, that is to take out a one yuan coin, along the directions of the top coat of arms of insert tread gully, because coin edge to the national emblem of the top of the distance between 1 to 2 mm, so if this can also see the national emblem logo, indicating that tread thickness has been inadequate.
2 tread pattern wear indicator line
The new tyre has a more humanized design than the old fashioned products: tread wear indicator. When the tire is very new or very low degree of wear, these instructions will almost not be found, but when the wear and tear to a certain extent, these hidden in the tread of the line will appear on the line. The tread pattern wear indicator line is a flat rubber strip, and the tread is vertically embedded in the tread and gully. When you check the tire can occasionally find one to two instructions, the thickness of the tread pattern has been reduced a lot, this situation is going to be particularly careful on the slippery road. If almost all of the instructions on the tire are clearly visible, it means you need to change the tire as soon as possible.
3 tire sidewall crack
The problems on the tire are not all concentrated in the tread, and there will be some problems in the sidewall of the tire. Look for cracks and cuts that are visible to the naked eye on the side wall of the tire. These tiny grooves indicate a possible leak in the future, even worse, even if the tire burst, which is what we are trying to avoid. So in the crack of the side wall of the tire looks more serious or with the fastest speed to vehicles bound for plant maintenance replacement tires is the best policy.
4 bumps and blisters on the tyres
In some cases, the outer surface of the tire will not be strong enough to result in higher than normal tire surface bumps and bubbles. This as vascular aneurysm, tyre is also facing a similar situation, if you fail to promptly sent to the factory repair tire detecting fault for vehicle, tread on low strength area is likely to trigger a sudden burst, high-speed driving tire burst and even lead to ride personnel appear serious injuries.
5 too much vibration and shake
A certain amount of jitter is unavoidable in the process of vehicle, especially in the condition of poor road condition. When you already have a certain driving experience, you can feel yourself to determine how the jitter in a reasonable range, and how the jitter of the vehicle there is a fault. There are many reasons for the jitter of the vehicle, which may be the existence of axial offset or the unbalanced force of the tire, and it may also be the problem of the shock absorber. But the jitter may also indicate that there are some problems within the tire; even if the tire is not the root cause of the vehicle's jitter, the jitter can also damage the performance of the tire, and soon after the problem caused by the tire. So if there is a more serious jitter to your car, especially good traffic on the road appear jitter, immediately open to vehicle repair factory inspection. Keep in mind that a greater degree of jitter is often a precursor to vehicle failure.
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