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Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes lubricants vigilance FAQ
Release time2013.06.17 News sourceTAIZHOU CHENHUI MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Browsing number

Many owners buy a new car , due to the lack of experience in vehicle maintenance and use of the existence of errors , resulting in damage to the vehicle . In fact, focusing on maintenance of the vehicle or the following, we summarize a few of the vehicle in the lubricant maintenance issues.

1 , what is the original oil ?

Vehicle factory, the car manufacturers they commissioned lubricant manufacturers comply with subsection engine lubricant products , the packaging may change with their trademark brand , as their lubricant products.

It was like Castrol BMW, Volvo, Jaguar , etc. to provide lubricant products. In addition, the gearbox oil will be sold together as packing objects , mainly taking into account the operation of the overall market , and benefits and other factors, using original oil can certainly meet the brand's vehicle on the necessary conditions.

Two , my car for what kind of oil ?

Every new car factory will have an " owner's manual " , marked above the applicable per vehicle engine oil and transmission fluid viscosity and specifications. To better define remind consumers that some manufacturers will otherwise specified in the engine compartment models of oil , to prevent misuse .

In general, Japanese cars and more to 5W-20, 5W-30 based, and German and European cars and more to 5W-40, 0W-40 -based, general driving can use 5W30, 5W40 viscosity of oil , some high performance sports car is used 10W60, 15W-50 viscosity oil such products.

3, "W" in front of the figure represents what the meaning ?

Many users do not understand the oil packaging "W" meaning , w is the English abbreviation for winter , W before the smaller the number the better the low temperature fluidity , 0W represents the lowest temperature -40 C, 5W represents the lowest temperature -30 C , 10W indicates the lowest temperature -25 C, 15W is the lowest temperature -20 C, 20W is the lowest temperature -15 C.

4 , the lubricating oil composition

Lubricating base oils and additives by two parts. Any one lubricating base oil in the main , auxiliary and the use of additives to improve performance of the base oil and make up the deficiency .

Another full synthetic oil is made ​​of poly alpha olefin (PAO) base oils do reconcile blending mixed , belonging to four synthetic primordia oil. In all there are five types of synthetic oil synthetic oil primordia by the complex ester base oil plus ester additive composition.

5 , low-cost car is not that good use of oil do ?

Some owners think that their car prices low, as one hundred thousand yuan the following models , do not have good oil. In fact, this idea is not correct. While these models, we do not expect too much in the mechanical aspects of how the performance , but its engine design is relatively sophisticated , also need oil for cleaning, lubricating and other functions.

If only a means of transport , we do not recommend the use of cheap low-quality oil, or even fake oil , is likely to cause engine damage , we recommend that users first use formal channels of mineral oil products , maintaining 5,000 km replacement cycle . Using a higher level of fully synthetic oil drain intervals can reach 8000-10000 road , but also save maintenance costs .

6 , the difference between transmission oil and oil

First, gearbox and engine oil is definitely a difference, because the gearbox and engine structure and operating environment are not the same . For engine oil temperature resistance, high oxidation and cleaning requirements . Gearbox Although relatively lower temperature, but requires the ability to withstand a strong anti- extrusion , but also play the role of lubrication to extend gear life , with low-temperature resistance , in the harsh operating conditions reduce oil loss , and therefore differ the .

7 , gearbox , radiator , brake fluid should be replaced once how long

Vehicle purchased , except for the oil needs to be replaced , the transmission oil , radiator antifreeze and brake fluid , power oil require regular replacement, general antifreeze , booster oil, brake fluid is replaced once every 2 years , the original Factory manual gearbox oils are also in the 4W kilometers replacement, automatic transmission with manual should be based on the specified time or kilometers replacement.

8 , depends on mileage and oil usage

Most vehicles are in accordance with the number of kilometers to replace oil , in fact, not science. In everyday driving the process , in many cases the changes will affect the oil , such as: traffic jams , climbing , highways , etc. In addition , temperature and fuel oil will also affect the quality of life of its own , few kilometers can be used as reference, but replace the oil or according to their condition of the vehicle checked regularly , and if it is difficult to distinguish the naked eye , it is recommended that you use the oil dipstick to test .


After reading this article , I hope the engine novice can understand properly maintained , not freeloaders practical fake bad lubricant , allowing you to easily travel with your car .

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