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Summer car ignition high professional technicians to teach you how to care for
Release time2013.06.17 News sourceTAIZHOU CHENHUI MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Browsing number

Summer is the high incidence of spontaneous combustion cars , small still remember last year on the microblogging broke the news of a car ignition . High summer temperatures , exposure to the sun or after a long car , how many there will be some spontaneous combustion hazard. Xiao Bian visited the dealer when specifically to the maintenance of professional chef to understand a bit of knowledge to prevent the car ignition , the other represents the most prone to car ignition unauthorized modification or failure to maintain the vehicle , visible car routine maintenance for the vehicle has a very important health role. Many spontaneous combustion occurs in the modified vehicle , many car owners in pursuit of driving pleasure and excitement , big changes to the car, especially the engine that powered components. Because of this generous cause vehicle electrical system is abnormal, leading to spontaneous combustion with electric most direct factor . Therefore, the majority of users are not impulsive modification, modified also to the professional 4S shop at bulb check whether the circuit was broken .
The author has encountered Trumpchi visit shop owners TUNG, due to family of three generations dealing with the car , he also has a right to prevent the car ignition certain experiences. Most importantly, try to bypass the potholes while driving to avoid lead car with electricity, and unauthorized alterations are the most should not. In addition, if the circuit signs of aging appear , must be timely to the 4S shop to replace , in order to avoid leakage situation.

Under normal circumstances , the vehicle's electrical system if it has not been modified , or other man-made factors , the aging situation is very difficult ; however way circuit system for the aging , the owner can use insulating rubber burst through the line , if you need to line severely damaged to the 4S shop for replacement.

In addition to routine testing is more critical than antifreeze circuit problems, Xiao Bian learned from a professional maintenance is paid summer routine maintenance of antifreeze is the most critical . Fan Master of the author that every vehicle maintenance , he would carefully check the antifreeze level , replace the engine oil. According to vehicle maintenance manual time and miles, to determine whether to replace the air filter , if not to the replacement time , will clean up the air filter .

Interior lights give you tips road system can also be reflected in the car 's dashboard , Fan Master reminded owners , if suddenly see the light illuminates while driving or abnormal , you need to stop in time and in the 4S shop professional maintenance staff to communicate and understand the situation then determine whether they can continue driving. If you can continue driving, the nearest to the 4S shop car repair, if the owner can not determine whether to continue driving , you need to rescue with the 4S shop .

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