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Beijing old motor out updates optional 263 models
Release time2013.06.17 News sourceTAIZHOU CHENHUI MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. Browsing number

August 1 onwards, Beijing officially launched the updated program out of old vehicles . Reporters learned from the system on the website , there are 263 new models available for owners of selected corporate incentive amount of up to 15,000 yuan .
The first sign the agreement 18 car prices in the system Web site launched the first batch of new car models and their replacement award amount . Currently there are 263 new models available for the owners choose. The highest award amount is Beijing Benz four models , the price of 460,000 to 670,000 , between the award credits is 15,000 yuan, the lowest at $ 1200 . 100,000 less cars or trucks , you can get between 1200-2500 yuan reward , from 100,000 to 200,000 cars can get 4000-6000 yuan reward , more than 200,000 reward of 7,000 yuan or more.
EPB side said , because companies need time to review the model , then the companies will continue to add more models.

Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau "to further promote the city's old motor out updating scheme " implemented on August 1 , under the program , out of more than 6 years old vehicle public can get from the government from 3000 to 14,500 yuan of subsidies, such as updating vehicle , then the same standards can be obtained from the enterprise or even higher reward.

Implementation of the program on the first day , the city received a total of four outlets in 590 offices telephone consultation, visiting 87 times , yesterday's situation is comparable .

Motor Vehicle Division Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official says , quote , more than 90% and policy understanding about the "most concerned about what kind of car can receive benefits , followed by standard questions to ask , how much money can grant , is to focus on process issues again . "


Q: In the field scrapped car , you can also apply for government grants and corporate reward you ?

A: This policy has nothing to do with where scrap is only related to time . In the field of scrapped vehicles, as long as there is scrapped proved , the same can apply for government grants , however, must be after August 1 , at the policy period for scrap.

Q: My car used to be yellow cars , is now a green standard car , you can apply for a grant ?

A: The policy only to limit the status of the car , if it is to change green yellow car standard car , as long as the car 's environmental conformity mark now shows the current standard car is green , then you can apply for . This policy does not yellow cars , buses and motorcycles effective government .

Q: I am a personal taxi, you can apply for it ?

A: The type of car policy does not restrict or holder , provided that they meet the criteria more than six years , has scrapped prove that you can apply .

Tip: The public can log " Beijing old motor out of update management information system" or to four outlets for consultation work and operate . However, the owners of old vehicles must first be eliminated, held Aug. 1 after retirement certificates for applications.

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